Monday, 19 February 2007

Na naah naaah na naah na na

The thing to remember about Marwari weddings: if you land up on the actual wedding day wearing a kurta, be prepared to feel very out of place. (That's only for guys by the way, women can wear pretty much anything and get away with it.) It's probably a good thing when absolutely no one knows you though, land up, watch presents being handed over, eat, leave >:).

Yeah, another one of those community things where I feel out of place even without the 'outstanding' attire :-<. And of course no non-veg food :(. My Bong heart (stomach actually) cries out at the injustice, a wedding reception, and not even the slightest hint of the good stuff, tsk tsk. When it comes to us and food, if you are invited, beware, you will be fed no matter what! Upset stomach? No problem, we'll give you stuff to make you feel right, and then overfeed you :D. Never thought that of all people my mom would resort to such tactics though!! She's usually unnaturally sensible when it comes to food. Or maybe I was just too stubborn :|.

Feeling: cheated :(
Listening to: Jack Johnson - Fall line


vishnoi said...

muhahahahahaaa! hog is the word that u use when u go to a wedding and no one knows u :)

kray said...

wat do u think I had in mind :P just that the food was a big let down :-<

Aditi said...

food is the music of love... or something like that:P
(Apologies to Shakespeare)

histrionix said...

er...actually music is the food of love, according to Shakespeare. and if the food was vegetarian, it must have been a letdown for a Bong:) I think barring religious ceremonies, celebration involves tons of non-veg and mishti for Bongs.

kray said...

hehe, even religious ceremonies hardly even take place without at least fish :P

histrionix said...

Well, Saraswati Puja/Lakshmi Puja and all don't involve eating fish. Weddings and baby showers definitely involve fish. So there is a fine line (but a lot of fish:P)