Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Wild on!!

Barely turned from the Indian Ocean into the Southern Ocean, and a dream comes true! The weather's indeed getting rough! With wind speeds soaring, I finally saw for myself that which I had been told, but had found difficult to believe: waves breaking so hard that they send spray over the helideck!!Went creeping around the super structure somewhat before dawn to see everything wet, the water on the helideck giving it a silvery sheen in the moonlight. And then, I felt more than saw a huge mist engulf the forward most part of the ship! I made my way down to the fo'csle deck and was heading for the usual cut out in the hull when I was stunned into freezing on my feet by a massive massive wave thrashing against and through the very space I was heading towards!! First time I've been given such a scare since I thought I was about to get run over by a car, when I was 10 :|. So I went up to the bridge instead, seemed like the only relatively safe place to be watching this fury from.
By this time the horizon was beginning to lighten up, unfortunately, I didn't have my cam with me, and common sense indicates you do not disturb your roommate during his hours off duty (yes I'm sharing my cabin :(). So having been mesmerised by waves that not only came above the height of the helideck, but on occasion even sprayed the windows of the bridge, I decided I'll go back after shift. When I did, I was promptly rewarded by one so high that it left the window looking like this :D!! (To figure out exactly how high up the bridge is, just look at the pic of the Trident I'd put up in the last post :D.)And the best part is, this is not even the worst!!! \:D/\:D/ This trip down to the Bass Strait is supposed to last another full four days, and I'm anticipating more spectacular dawns, which have nothing to do with the sun :D.

Feeling: ecstatic!!
Listening to: Vertical Horizon - You're a god


Anu said...

Gingerly ventured out to the foc'sle deck last night and had to scamper back after getting a big "whoooosh" that drowned my left shoe!
So yummy it all is! Sighhh... :)

kray said...

take my word for it, n head for the bridge! no drowning :P