Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Counting days

More time changes, Australia's back out of daylight saving, finally! And sunrises are back at 6. Unfortunately, that's proving to be a pain all over again :-<. Ah well, in another trip or so I'll get back into this habit I suppose... and then we'll be back in the North-West shelf and another 2 hr time change /:).Anyway, I've taken to extending my experiments with colour accents to sunrises. With some rather spectacular results, and some gigantic flops... Realisation of this trip: still not worthy of a D-SLR. If a point and shoot can bewilder me with certain features for over a month, imagine what can happen with one of those!! :-S
--Anyway, if anyone asks you what 'dead-head's in seismic are, (in the extremely extremely unlikely scenario that sane people would discuss seismic unless they absolutely have to :|) the above pics almost defines it. We've been doing this for a week now, I was more excited to actually get pics of the helideck with the guard rails down without helo ops :).

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