Friday, 16 March 2007


The fog seems to have leapt out from the inside of my head and settled all around us :P. Blogging is like a core dump, dump the crap and restart. Getting back to blaring music in the instrument room definitely helped. As did my plan :D. Which seems to be bearing fruit much sooner than I could have expected :).

So. Have been religiously making my way out to some deck or other around sunrise. Or what I assume to be around sunrise, 'cos there isn't really any way to tell if there is a sun beyond this or not.That was yesterday, and today there was the rain. No torrents, no thunder and lightning, no rushing wind. Only a cold chill that sent goosebumps across the expanse of water. And the silent drops that left ephemeral pinpricks on it.

Currently: me - back to smiling, life - back to good :)
Listening to: Linkin Park - Points of authority


Anu said...

Good one... Love the goosebumped water and core dumping :)
Oh, and I did some major toothy grinning when Thom Yorke started playing in the instrument room. Bobbed my head around and everything :D
Right now it's Ricky Martin on loop, though.. sigh.
Ohh ohh, and yummy fog pic! I also wants to see real, live fog!

Anu said...

Hmm.. that was a ridiculously long comment. Note to self: Should not confuse blog with orkut :)

kate said...

lovely pic! :-)

kray said...

@ anu: real, live fog n all :))

@ kate: hey!! long time! and thanks :)