Tuesday, 20 March 2007

On loss

Feels like a little pinprick, a paper cut. But a wound, that instead of healing, keeps growing. A matter of time, you say? A matter of getting used to living, not dying, breathing, not choking, waking, not resigning to sleep forever, though that at times might seem the easier choice?

It is a matter of time in fact. But then there is that thought. What was it you lost, that you thought you had loved, but in a matter of moments (that might have been ages, or merely seemed like it) you have forgotten? Did you not think that it would last forever? And if you did, then how is it that it is over and you are not?

Grab at that lonely floating bed of straw (amidst the wreckage that's sinking fast), treacherous as it is, of double standards, of hypocrisy, of denial. It promises a happiness that reality has disowned.

Currently: floating down the mountainside riding a cloud of snow... I wish :)
Listening to: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful


Prachee said...

ki holo baba?? why so glum?

Vinod said...

You should stop listening to Aguilera!

kray said...

@ prachee: :D u'r bangla's improving :P. and no, this post has nothing to do with current mood, simply thoughts that suggest themselves to my bored mind :-<

@ bolli: abbey that is the only nice-ish song of hers I've heard! and I didn't have much of a choice, it was playing on the instrument room music system :P