Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Perth Motorshow '07

I'm actually quite surprised how I haven't had a single post labelled 'cars' or 'bikes' in over a year and a half!! Other than the occasional mention of the F1 season that is. Be that as it may, I was very surprised to find out last week that Perth hosts it's own annual motorshow! And once again, true to form, I'd timed my stay perfectly. Needless to say, I also dragged along a few of my friends here, and then promptly lost them once inside :P. Yes, I'm like that.
Lamborghini Murcielago
no matter how many of these you've seen before, you see a Lambo, you take a picture of it if you can

This one wasn't as much fun as the last time I'd been to a motorshow though. But then that was KL, 2 years back and in the mean time I've gotten rather used to seeing the kind of cars I used to dream about, on the streets. Hell, I've even seen an Audi TT in Mumbai! On that particular occasion, in my misdirected hyper-enthusiasm, I had attempted to explain to Beerbal exactly why I was so excited to see what he described as 'merely a car' :-<. I think the last person I've actually known personally, who shared my kind of enthusiasm for all things automobile, is currently a Lieutenant in the Indian Army and I haven't seen him in five years :|.
Maserati Quattroporte

There were, nonetheless some very very nice pieces on display. Among my favourites were the Maserati Quattro, the Jaguar XK, the Targa West Lambo shown above, the Aston Martin DB9 and of course the seriously mean Aston Martin V8 Vantage!! And then there were the new releases, the Hummer H3 that, despite the makers' claims looks just like the older ones, the new Tiburon that looks a lot cleaner than it's predecessor, the new Audi TT which I quite like for having got rid of the signature front end and the bunch of regular and uninspired ones, like the Peugeot 207, some new Holdens, Volvos, Mercs, Mini Coopers... It's quite fascinating how many cars have acquired rather stunning projector lamps these days. Oh and Merc's apparently gone and got itself a B-class now /:). There used to be a time when I had respect for them :-<. And oh yes, there was this genuinely wicked concept car from Mitsubishi, the Lancer Concept Sportback :). Ah well, I suppose I should start paying a bit of attention again to the goings on of the world that's given me better, happier, grander dreams than anything else I can imagine...

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More Perth Motorshow pics here.

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