Friday, 27 April 2007

Silent raindrops

Back home again. It's probably a good thing how many posts have begun with those words :). What's not so good is that I'm almost invariably extremely tired while typing them :-<. Got back late last night in fact, somewhere in the vicinity of 3 am. Another 7 hour stopover, mercifully in Bangkok. So I took the time to actually find the exact spot where I was sitting two months back and plonked. Even watched a movie :). It scares the shit out of me, the way I'm beginning to get comfortable with this sort of stuff :-<.Got to see a rather nice sunrise in Perth. Everywhere else it was raining. Phuket looks extremely inviting. And a friend of mine was telling me how they'd actually rented.. wait for it.. an island for a day!!!!! Anyway, I was there just for the half hour it took to refuel the aircraft. And by the time we left thunderclouds were very much in evidence. In Bangkok it was already raining when I got there. It was still raining when I left. And looks like it's been raining here in Kolkata as well. Which is a good thing. Gives my system a bit of time to switch from winter to summer.

Sometimes surprises have a way of hinting of their arrival. And sometimes they don't.

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histrionix said...

Guess what! It's raining in New Haven too!

kray said...

oh! it rains there in spring/summer?!!

histrionix said...

:D It rains here all year I think. And when it's too cold to rain, it snows. And when it's too cold to snow, (I didn't think *that* was possible till I got here), it's just so cold that it doesn't matter that there is no precipitation, you're miserable enough as it is:P

But sometimes the weather is also gorgeous. (Just so that I don't sound like a complete pessimist:P)