Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday night tales

Finally, a weekend when we overcome the fierce and overwhelming desire to simply vegetate :D. Yet another trip to Freo, this time ostensibly to show the newest SE in town some elusive signs of life. (I swear, the Perth office must have never had this many of us doing our office rotations here. Ever.) And what better way to make the trip than a nice relaxing cruise down the Swan river. Also, the trains were shutdown :|.Ran into this massive bunch of yachts out on a sunny Saturday afternoon spin in the river. Wind-puffed sails look nice. Especially in a mad variety of colours :). So we got there, had lunch, hung out at the beach. And then went hunting for the memorial at the supposed highest point in Fremantle. It's not exactly of Olympian elevation, but the view was nice. And there was the torpedo! :DWatched the Sun do it's thing. Namely, set. Lazed on the lovely green grass for a long time. Getting a massive kick out of taking pics of people taking pics of people taking pics of... you get the idea :D. Four shutter-happy fingers on four cameras, what can you expect :P. The rest of the weekend? Well, dutifully spent devouring movies, books and music, and of course sleeping :).

Oh and the tatt's been officially ratified as 'pretty much completely healed' \:D/.

Currently: tired, without any possible reason for feeling so :P
Listening to: Dave Matthew's Band - Crash into me

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