Thursday, 31 May 2007

Bumpy ride

A change of plans is afoot. And hopefully, before too long, two more pages of my already almost exhausted passport will be filled up by nice shiny looking stamps marred by my mug. But one must not get too far ahead of oneself.

Heading home straight off the ship this time. The main reason being my paranoia of rejection of visa applications :|. I refuse to elaborate, it's all too complicated and stupid. It's not all bad though, in the bargain I've squeezed my way out of a potentially very bugging 9 hour stopover at Singapore /:). Anyway, so barring a continuation of current weather conditions (which are awesomely awful, but hardly conducive to helo ops) I'll be going home in another 9 days.
this is what I'm hoping for :)

On a different and significantly more upbeat note: The Unbawa Revelations. As the author mentions in the linked article on his blog (which he has shifted over to Wordpress btw) the third book of the Game World Trilogy, after Simoqin and Manticore, is due to be released in December! So I shall dutifully shelve plans for a Samit Basu back-to-back and get back to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But only when I get back home, right now I'm too busy watching old movies and staring out of the bridge windows at the furious elements on my off time to start on a book :).

Currently: slightly worried :-<
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Anu said...

Pic's gorgeous. Crystal clear. And love the colours, especially the blue at the top-centre.