Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Glub glub

You can actually hear underwater, did you know? Well, maybe not deep underwater, but with my head slowly sinking below the surface, I think I actually heard the water getting in my ear :). Fought the knee-jerk urge to get back up, and in a little while I could hear the music from the next room. Softly, but clearly enough.

That was back in the Melbourne hotel, there aren't any bathtubs on the Trident. Yeah, back on the boat again. Had a fairly pleasant couple of days when the weather was too rough to shoot :D. But now we've started back up. The sky's perpetually overcast. The ship's rolling to fairly crazy angles at times. Only the wind seems to be staying away. Fluttering almost benignly. And the cold is just beginning to bare it's frosty claws.

Dunno why, but I have this irresistible urge to just sink, to somewhere deep, quiet, dark. Rather like dropping under the radar or something like that...

Currently: freezing... thawing... freezing again...
Listening to: Vertical Horizon - Give you back

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Anu said...

Yes, I did know that :) Used to do the same head-under-water-in-bathtub thing years ago, and yes, is brilliant to hear the muffled music! Small joys :))