Thursday, 24 May 2007

Oh NO!!!!!

Dammit!!!! May Pippo Inzaghi rot in the blackest pit in hell X-(. I was pretty sure Liverpool had lost the match even before the second goal. But then the Kuyt header brought back flashes from Istanbul. And then Inzaghi pulled that bloody outrageous stomach ache act!!! I mean COME ON!!! The guy is acting like he's having a seizure one minute, and is walking off the pitch calmly the next, with Kewell dying to get a go at the corner quickly!!! Talk about time wasting. I'll not even bother ripping apart the German ref for the blatant inconsistencies... Ah well, next time!

Currently: fuming!!! X-(
Listening to: Prodigy - Smack my bitch up


roswitha said...

Well, he'll be the happiest little rotter in hell if he goes down today. I love it. Possibly the last CL goals he'll ever score, and he makes them classic Inzaghi contributions. It must have killed every Liverpool supporter to watch them.

My sympathies.

kray said...

killed indeed, absolutely gutted. but I suppose it's even, Liverpool didn't really deserve to win in Istanbul, and Milan didn't deserve to win yesterday.