Friday, 4 May 2007

On a high!

This is becoming a habit on long night flights, these scribbled-on-paper posts :). It's quite addictive actually! I swear! :D

Anyway, so yeah, I'm on the last flight to Melbourne. Spent a good half hour looking for a spare battery for my IXUS in Singapore. But guess what? The only shop in Changi that stocks those had run out. Yay :|. So I ended up buying a not particularly necessary 2 Gig Sony MicroVault (very jealous of Perth flatmate since she got hers, it's got a retractable USB connector for crying out loud!!), a earphone jack splitter (so I can actually share music if I feel like it) and finally, a USB SD card reader (so I don't have to hook up my cam every time I want to download pics)! So there, at least there's something useful (well, sort of) I'm doing with those points that keep accumulating.

When we took off from Singapore, the city, stretched out in all it's glittering glory, was rather amazing! But the imitation of a starry night sky by the ships in Serangoon harbour was even more fantastic! What with the moon and the distant flashes of lightning and all...

The flight itself was the best I've had, yet! Got three seats on the side to myself and decided to make myself really comfortable :). Stretched out over all three seats, blanket, movie, book, a continuous supply of beverages through the night, the whole shebang :D. And one particularly concerned air-hostess first offered, then insisted that I have some Milo! Oh and with it came an assortment of cream biscuits!! How old did she think I was? Five?!!! Maybe it was the dark :P.

Oh and finished the Durrell too! I could so go on about how awesome the book is, but maybe another time. This was a copy borrowed from someone who'd bought it second-hand, and the margins were littered with rather cryptic observations, like 'family consentration' (sic), 'compromise' and scores of asterisks! I kinda gave up trying to figure it out after the first couple :).
It's getting a little light, no point trying to sleep I suppose. The cabin's slowly beginning to wake up. Maybe I'll go brush my teeth with that folding toothbrush and minuscule tube of toothpaste...

Feeling: very much awake!
Listening to: Coldplay - Fix you


Anu said...

Milo?!?!?!?! Rotfl!!! :))
Stop eyeing my microvault, I tell you! I'll be keeping a close watch on you when you get here, mister!

Ps. Those scribblings at the side are potty as hell, no? :)

kray said...

heh why wud I eye urs? I've got mine :P