Saturday, 12 May 2007

On wisdom

Of late I seem to have developed a rather ambivalent view on the subject. On the one hand, collective common sense of an entire race would tend to hint at its existence, and thereby at its merits. On the other, there is the rather compelling argument that what we pass off as wisdom is merely a bitter extract of accumulated errors of judgement. I mean who would rather be wise than lucky eh?!! But then again, given that one is almost never quite lucky all the time, wisdom does seem to have its charm :).

So. In another ten, fifteen, maybe fifty years, would I find myself wise, or lucky? Now that's a question I'd give a fair bit to find an answer to :D.

Currently: bored, and hence thoughtful...
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1 comment:

Anu said...

I'd tend to agree more with the "On the other hand" part. And I'd rather be lucky... I think :)
Good one :) Food for thought.