Wednesday, 9 May 2007


The elements conspire to thwart me, but I try anyway. No sunrise. I mean, I'm sure there was a sunrise, but the thick quilt of a cloud cover made sure I could see nothing of it. What I did get to see was a long low line of cliffs hanging precariously over the sea. We were passing quite close actually. Close enough to see the waves crashing on the rocks. No, not with binoculars :|. But with due respect to the waves, they were in fact gigantic :).
But that was still a good 10km away :). Also saw the moon break cover briefly, looking like a ghost of itself. Chasing wispy cloud phantoms in the gray-blue twilight.

Currently: cold
Listening to: Massive Attack - Dissolved girl


histrionix said...

I get the feeling that you count everyday that you don't get to see the sunrise a waste.

kray said...

heh, well, not a waste per se... but you know, I take the effort to go up there, and lug my cam along... it's a shame if all I get is a dingy gray :)