Saturday, 19 May 2007


It's a good thing I went out in the boat when I did. The weather's completely transformed today with a rapidity that can be considered positively scary! At 8 I was up on the helideck, a little late for sunrise, but I hadn't really missed much, and the sea, though not particularly flat, wasn't anything spectacular. But in another couple of hours, we were already suspending operations and heading away from land. (Inverse logic, I know, bad weather would usually have you heaving for land, but not with all the gear still deployed :|.)After shift I went out to the foc'sle deck, and I figured I wouldn't want to go near the bulkhead, and not even think about going out to the helideck! So I sat on this bench bolted down to the deck and conveniently covered from all the openings to the sea, and since the seat was still dry, I figured it was a safe spot :P. I have never heard the wind howl quite like this! It seriously sounds like screaming voices :-S. I figured I'll have a go at the bridge. Stayed there for close to an hour and a half! It's hypnotic, the way the bow is elevated on the crest of a passing wave, and then how it plummets to the void left by its passing! The higher the wave, the deeper the gorge! You've seen waves breaking on rocks? Here there be waves breaking on waves!And sometimes, the ship would dip so low, that the next wave would come snapping at the bow!! And sometimes the helideck would scoop up a mist on it's way up! Oh it was fantastic :D.

Eight hours later, we're still heading out to open sea :P.

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Drink up me hearties! Yo, ho. . .


Anu said...

Gah! Is that a tiny amount of seawater spouting up from the 'trapdoor' from the foc'sle deck to the helideck in pic 2???
Waaahh! I wanna be there and get tossed around like a rag doll! NO FAIR! Some people have all the fun.. *mutter mutter*

Hemamalini said...

:)) If it helps- the weather has calmed down a bit today:P

kray said...

:D well, it was loads of fun, while it lasted! but we're heading back now