Thursday, 17 May 2007

This and that

For a couple of days now mornings have been nice. Bright and cheerful. And on occasion I've even managed a quick glimpse of it. Okay, maybe not too quick :P. But the other day I was particularly thrilled to see a curious rainbow. Or rather, what looked like a tiny piece of a rainbow that had lost its way in the sky. It had no business hanging on that little beam of sunlight, but there it was.We've moved a bit, in these last couple of days. So instead of shooting seismic on one particular nook of the Bass Strait, we're now shooting seismic in another :). But it gets interesting! Here there's a marine national park nearby! Not that I've seen anything yet :(. They saw a school of dolphins yesterday which was so large that even the whale watcher says she's never seen one like it. And where was I? Asleep /:). Not fair I tell you!! Anyway, what I did get to see was the rather important looking town close by. (Note the tiny buildings sticking their heads up along the horizon.)
And then this morning everything turned so completely orange :). A good thing too, looks like there's another spate of bad weather headed this way, there go the sunrises :-<.
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Anu said...

Heh... this post made me chuckle :D The rainbow's terribly cute, and the sun, sighh.. expectedly stunning.

kray said...

Why chuckle?! /:) I was being all indignant n shit!! :P

Anu said...

The bits about the 'important looking town' and the lost rainbow :) Just... chuckle-ey :D