Friday, 18 May 2007

YAYY!!! ++

:D I hadn't been out in a small boat in such a long time that I'd sort of made an uneasy peace with the lack of these outings. So imagine my surprise when I was asked to go out today!! And then imagine, if you can, my absolute and utterly indescribable joy when told that I was to be coxswain!!! :D

Okay, this is not one of those 'small joys' of my life! This is like bloody huge!!!!! I've had my eyes on the driver's seat (figuratively speaking that is, there's no seat, you stand and drive) since the first day I got on this ship! Actually before I even set foot on this boat, 'cos my first ever crew change was by supply boat, and the only way to get from that boat to this one was via small boats! Well, it took me a year, nine months and five days, but I got there!! (I remember, 'cos that happens to be a friend's birthday, and I remember being rather worried when the supply boat got delayed, in case I couldn't call her in time :P.)

Perhaps not entirely unexpectedly I was more nervous than I've been in years :P. Till we got into the boat that is :). I decided though, that taking a camera along was a distraction I couldn't afford :-<. So my maiden trip as small boat coxswain (outside of Kristiansund :|) went without any recorded visual proof for posterity :D. But I really think it was a good idea. What with hacking humongous amounts of weed off the tail buoys and a supply run to the chase boat, and of course the driving, and steering by compass, and watching out for the gear, phew! And all the time the sea kept getting choppier, and the sky kept getting darker! I just couldn't get enough of it!!

Oh but the most fun was when at some point it so happened that we were headed straight at the sun! It's not much good for steering 'cos you can't see shit, but with the entire horizon broken only by rearing waves and a path of gold laid out ahead, I was well and truly on top of the world :).

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Anu said...

Yipppppeee! :)) You know this calls for a massively, humungous celebration when you get here, no? :D :D :D And on you, of course! *big, fat chuckle*