Monday, 13 August 2007

Gameweek 1

Yeah, there's gonna be one of these every now and then from now :D.So the English Premier League has kicked off and at the end of the first week we've got our points! For our teams on the Fantasy Football that is. Well, I haven't done too badly. My 42 points are marginally above the overall average of 39, and if I'd had one of my subs playing instead of on the bench, that would have been 6 points more :-<. But who would have thought Sunderland and Birmingham City players would be the pick of the lot! Oh well, there's 36 more weeks to go. I'm just trying not to get carried away and make too many wild transfers every week :|.

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roswitha said...

Rio Ferdinand. :| Was Vidic not available?

kray said...

too pricey :(