Sunday, 5 August 2007

The trap

Imagine a gigantic piece of machinery... or better still, imagine a glorious ship. With sails.. a galleon even, if you wish. The bows slice through the deep blue with effortless ease. (The beautifully carved mermaid on the prow mocking the sirens...) Fair winds puff the sails so full, it's almost flying over the ocean.
Imperceptibly almost, the winds change. You do not even realize. It's small things first. Little signs, that make you wonder if you should be paying attention to something. A deepening foreboding that things are going wrong.

By the time it stalls, settles into the gloom of the water that has turned suddenly dark with the falling sun, you already know you've been here before. The terrible stillness, the most terrible thing about it being the familiarity. In this boat there be no oars. :)

The lord of madness sends shadows to recruit you. You desperately look for the tiniest draft of fair wind before they apparate into something more substantial.

Currently: floating...
Listening to: Chicane - Saltwater

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