Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Yours madly,

Oh, wow, look at you now
Flowers in the window
It's such a lovely day and I'm glad you feel the same
'Cos to stand up, out in the crowd
You are one in a million
And I love you so
Let's watch the flowers grow

Because my inside is outside
My right side's on the left side
'Cos I'm writing to reach you
But I might never reach you
I long to teach you... about you
But that's not you
Do you know it's true
And that won't do
You know it's you
I'm talking to
Sometimes, I'm just glad how madly some things make me happy :D. It's a dangerous high :). But for once I'm not worried about falling...

Currently: truly.. madly..
Listening to: Travis - Flowers in the window/ Writing to reach you

1 comment:

Anu said...

You do know I lay claim to "madly", right? The word, that is.
Heck, no... more, actually.
I'm greedy :D