Wednesday, 19 September 2007

In the blink of an eye

The cynical would call it self-delusion. I know it isn't just me. I've seen it on other faces :). Investing much emotion into an occasion of little consequence. Happiness of a nature so fleeting that one might wonder what is the point anyway. The one in question probably would never have had the grand fortune of feeling so completely swept off his/her feet that there didn't have to be a point...

A few little things that had me in heaven these last few days:
  • the look on the kid's face (the one that was flying that kite) when it actually took off :)
  • the newly opened express way that has finally dropped driving time from home to the Hoogly river to under 10 minutes (from anywhere between 45 minutes to 4.5 hours :|) independent of your personal standing with lady luck or her mood on the day \:D/
  • a song I hadn't heard in about eight years, when it suddenly popped up on the car FM
  • a couple of days in January '08
  • the coooooooolest funda ever!!!!
  • the fact that I actually managed to pack two sets of footwear and my snow jacket for an upcoming trip to Norway via the ship, and of course the stuff I'll have to live on for the next 8 weeks, within the 10 kilo luggage limit :D
  • watching Yuvraj Singh unleash an onslaught of unprecedented proportions on the hapless English bowler who got thrashed for 6 sixes in one over about half an hour back >:)
Would have been so much nicer if I hadn't found out that when we get back to the boat in a couple of days (I leave tomorrow morning), it's straight to the backdeck :-<.

Currently: tired
Listening to: Travis - Flowers in the window


histrionix said...

You write some fairly happy stuff and then label it general rant?! :|

kray said...

:) dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time...

Anu said...

How the hell did you manage to fit all that stuff in under 10 kg??? Grr!

kray said...

*hint* there wasn't a whole lot other than the shoes n jacket to pack :P

Anu said...

I guess I'll blame the five fat books I'm carrying this time.. I did manage to keep it around 12kg though. Er.. then again, I'm surviving from one laundry cycle to the next!