Sunday, 14 October 2007

Demon days

I don't really feel like writing about it, but I suppose an entire week must be accounted for in some way. I have one word for you, back-deck. Automatic associations may be made freely with disasters, depressingly long hours, the stench of rotting barnacles, frayed tempers, (and nerves,) plans gone awry, dull sunrises, nice ones almost missed despite them being in your face in a rather blindness inducing manner, cold nights, hot days, deja vu of the horrifying kind.... and many other such wonderful things that can make anyone go suicidal.

But, now that it's over, I'm very happy to find myself with only a fortnight to go till crew-change! That, unfortunately, means that I will miss watching the final F1 GP of the season at Interlagos next weekend live on TV :(. I hope it's a thriller though, given that the VSAT situation has improved enough to give me unparalleled access to the next best thing: F1 Live Timing! But I must say, at the end of the Shanghai GP, when Massa set successive fastest laps on the last three laps, I was almost screaming "WTF were you doing for the rest of the bloody race?!!!!!" :(( The one good thing that has happened over this F1 season is that I've come to accept Raikkonen as an absolute genius. I like Massa better, but 'the Iceman' is simply phenomenal!
EPL Gameweek 9 went by almost unnoticed as the stench of barnacles slowly but surely permeated the vessel, and another mediocre performance saw me slide back out of the top ten. But it looks somewhat promising from here on, I have quite a strong line-up for next week, let's see how that goes.

Just for the record, I'm really looking forward to the ship getting out of Aussie, even if only for a few months, and only as far as New Zealand!

Feeling: drained :-<
Listening to: Moby - Sunday (the day before my birthday)


Anu said...

'Demon Days', eh? :) Hopefully, no more agony... only ecstasy.

kray said...

heh, with the blizzard over the Kiwi visa... wanna bet? :-<

Anu said...

Hmm. I don't think you got that :)

Hemamalini said...

Go suicidal ?! :O :O :O
Umm, is this Demon Days a song?

kray said...

no, it's an album I think. actually it's probably a song also.. but no, I still haven't a clue what anu's talking about...