Wednesday, 10 October 2007


When you think of the future, do you see the whole thing play out in your mind? Like it's happening, with conversations and what you say and all that stuff, only, inside your head? And every time you do, do you go, "Oh come on!!! Now it will never happen like that!! :(("?

What do you call it when after two years you get tired of cropping your hair short and suddenly one morning it hits you, at this point in time, you are actively in touch with more people who have never seen you with hair this long than otherwise?

How should you feel when you figure that more and more people working under you this year are actually a lot younger? A marked difference from last year. That you are getting old, not just in your head, but in the real world.

Is this sky empty, or half full?
Currently: aching (just physically :), no wait, :((!!)
Listening to: Dido - Who makes you feel

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Anu said...

It's overflowing. To me, at least :)