Thursday, 25 October 2007


The last week onboard before crew-change is never the quickest, but this time, the days seem to be... well, not quite flying by, but at least trotting past at a fair pace. The way it stands now, it's just one more day and a wake-up! And if everything works out as planned, (Oh how I hate that phrase! It seems to attract disaster :-<.) this should be our last trip in Oz for a while. The Trident is headed for New Zealand over the summer (winter for those in the north :|). But, even though the boat will definitely get there by mid next month, there is a non-zero possibility of most of the crew not making it, thanks to the fantastic fiasco that the visa procurement process is all set to turn into /:). But after two years, you tend to give up on the worrying a bit.Durga Pujo came and went over the weekend. Well, it didn't quite get this far out to sea. But a few emails did :). I spent a good four years not particularly hating the fact that I was missing Pujo. Then I spent another two not particularly ecstatic over the fact that I wasn't. But this year there's a strange sense of a void. The really good part about this festival is the end. It's perfect for people like me, who keep forgetting dates, or (therefore) put great effort into reminders and stuff, only to then find themselves whisked off by circumstances that totally blow everything else out of their minds.. it's an endless blame game :P. But with Pujo, you technically have almost a full year (minus say, 15-20 days) to get around to wishing people :D. Okay, so the practical thing to do is to limit oneself to a month or so. But that still gives me another four weeks at least :D.

It's not that I don't try. Wishing Shubho Bijoya to everyone who understands what that means :).
Ah yes, EPL. I did disastrously. Really. Below the average, and way down the league in my lowest rank yet. But I couldn't get too depressed over it thanks to the F1 weekend! I'm still pretty kicked about it actually :D.

Oh, have been watching a few movies in the mean time. The only one that would actually deserve mention is Pirates 2. This is barely the second time I've seen it, and it felt like I'd never seen it at all!!!!! I did always say the circumstances were less than ideal for getting my head around something quite as complicated as that the first time :P. Bottom line, two is every bit as good as three :D.

I seem to have less of stuff that I really want to write about these days, and more of what the mind seems to fill up with instead....

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histrionix said...

"And if everything works out as planned, (Oh how I hate that phrase!:"

..In my world, those dreaded words translate to..."In theory this should work"..and the sentiments I echo whole-heartedly :|

kray said...

:) you have my deepest sympathies