Friday, 30 November 2007

... and then the shit hit the fan

I should probably be feeling smug about this... or not. We've been out in the prospect for a day and a half, trying to lay out the gear, and as expected the weather's throwing a major tantrum :|. (I just thought I'd leave the gory bits out of the hike post...)
I wish I could just slip back a couple of days, in Bluff harbour. The Trident lying brightly lit, rock steady, with the town slumbering all around. Unfortunately, there weren't any further delays and by early afternoon, we were out of the harbour and Bluff Hill was merely a little haze on the horizon, fading fast.When I did get out on the back deck at midnight, it was brutal :(. Only the thickest of jackets and woollen caps could afford some measure of protection from the freezing winds knifing through the deck. We were eagerly waiting for the sun, but the world around us merely changed from pitch black to a mottled dark grey. No sun, no horizon except for the envelope of grey clouds as they descended right down to the grey ocean. And with daylight came torrential rain. We actually had to go inside to thaw out our hands and faces every now and then :|.

But then the weather got too bad even to deploy, so now we wait :-<. In the mean time, I've got the quite enviable task of putting up the massive pile of photos I've managed to amass on my first tryst with New Zealand :).

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Eladio Osorio Montenegro said...

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Anu said...

Aaaaahhh... turquoise waters! New Zealand, here I come! :D :D :D