Thursday, 15 November 2007


I really shouldn't be doing these flights where I land up at home in the morning :|. So another zombie day. And before I'd been home 24 hours I got my flights out that have me leaving bright and early on Sunday morning /:). And while we are at it, there's a 'super cyclone' headed for Kolkata even as we speak.

Finally got back to reading on the way back, and realised that it had been long enough for me to have completely lost the thread, so it was a restart of The Silmarillion. But before that I finally managed to locate the first A Song of Ice and Fire book in Perth airport! It's strange but somehow this one's never at the stores, and not just the ones in the airports. I've been looking for it for quite a long time now. At some point I did read about half of the book, but I think when I do get to it again, I'll have to start at the beginning :).The flights themselves weren't so bad, except that the choice of movies was terrible in the first one, and non-existent in the second one :|. Imagine a six-hour flight complete with in-seat screens, but no movies :-<. Beyond frustrating. Especially when you're practically waving to you final destination as you fly over it :|. Well, I couldn't see, I was in a middle seat, but I'm sure the Singapore - New Delhi flight went pretty much over the top of Kolkata. One thing I was very relieved to note was the internal transport arrangement within the IGI airport. Can't say the same about the number of times I got held up at check ins and immigration counters 'cos of trouble with my name on my new passport. (That's the one with the million errors and smudgy corrections :|.) I'd almost forgotten about the weekend's games in the rest of the week's excitement! I didn't do too badly actually, managed to stick on to my spot, albeit by a whisker :P. My luck with captains ran out, but there was enough scattered brilliance to keep me above quite a high average :).

This is gonna be really touch and go... I'm still half dead, and leaving the day after :(. Oh, and I have to be up at 5:30 and I'm still here :((.

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