Friday, 23 November 2007


So we're back in the Bass Strait now, almost past it in fact. The trip down from Port Lincoln has been happily uneventful thus far. Yesterday we sailed more or less through some of the prospects where we spent the last summer, and now we're passing another old neighbourhood. Till this point we'd been keeping quite close to the shore, often within sight of sometimes familiar landscapes.Here onwards however, lie the wide open spaces of the Tasman Sea, the wide waters separating New Zealand from Australia. And with it we lose all the protection afforded by Tasmania from the storms spawned in the Antarctic :-S. This is the first time I've been consigned to an upper bunk in well over a year. The timing it seems, will shortly prove to be less than opportune :|.
And speaking of timing, we've just been handed the first of the time zone clock adjustments that are part and parcel of long transits. Only this time, we've changed into a practically non existent time zone :|. Geographically speaking, we're somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, both of which are at GMT+10. We travelled from close to Adelaide, which is at GMT+9:30. So ideally, we should have gone up a half hour, instead, we've gone up one full hour to GMT+10:30 /:). The problem? Try setting your pc to GMT+10:30 :|.

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Anu said...

No way!! Geez... Windows is stupid! *staring blankly at Time Zone drop-down menu*
Tch tch...

kray said...

and I found out that some vague island somewhere DOES use UTC + 10.30 as standard time too!!!

Anu said...

The poor bastards... /:-|