Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Gameweek 12

If last week was fantastic, this week was out of this world!!!! I don't know how, but I managed an earth-shattering 77 points!!! Well, okay, so most of it was down to an astute captain selection :D. (I'm like so dying to gloat, but I'm not on the boat!!! Not that I'm dying to get back to the boat mind you.) Anyway, while most people went with the Lampards and the Ronaldos and the Fabregas(es?! :P), I went with my newly acquired Aston Villa defender, Laursen. You see, they were playing Derby, at home! The Derby that are yet to score a single away goal!! So a minimum of six points was a dead sure thing. And then he scored. They even gave him a couple of bonus points just to sweeten the deal \:D/!! To make things really spectacular, another three of my players scored! And two further clean sheets! Man, it really does not get a lot better than this. (Which, actually, is a bit of a concern, but we'll get to that as and when things start going southwards again :|.) But the absolute, absolute best part. I jumped almost 10 spots, and landed squarely back on 4th. Not just single digits, within the top five!!! Oh! Oh-ho-ho! Sweetness :D.

Sometimes, you just need the right sunglasses. Rainbow colours in the sky, clouds the shades of a kaleidoscope, the ocean in colours you can't even think up names for.... Euphoria served. Just remember to take them off every now and then, just to make sure it's not your eyes :).

Currently: *YAAAAYYYYYYYYY* \:D/\:D/ :D
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