Sunday, 4 November 2007


It is beautiful, fantastic and terrifying, heart warming and heart rending, all at the same time. Pan's Labyrinth. I can't quite figure how I am not feeling horribly depressed after watching the whole movie, but I'm not! If you've seen it, maybe you will understand. The thing that I find most surprising though, is how this and Hellboy happen to have been directed by the same person /:).

I think I've mentioned this before, but I've been getting this feeling that I should probably leave Perth. Sometime soon. Any time this decade would be fantastic. I mean, it's not just me! First all the eating places decide to shut down. Well, not all of them, only the ones I liked. Now it's the theatres. I went up to my favourite one in the city on Friday and guess what I find on the doors? "This theatre has been shut down. Permanently. Thank you." :|
And of course, just to remind me how long I've actually been stuck here, the Red Bull Air Race is back in town! I saw it last year!! I'm terrifyingly close to becoming a full blown Perth resident :-S. Okay, this time it was actually good fun :). They had these massive TV screens put up along the river, and numerous speakers. The fact that we sort of knew what was going on helped a whole lot :D. I was quite content to sit through the two rounds of qualifying, poring over split times and snapping at every take off and landing. To add to the excitement, my fellow WesternGeco SE incarcerated here in Perth, John, managed to drop bits of his Nikon D40 into the river! Okay, just one bit. And not the lens or the body :|. We even managed to fish it out! But despite all that, I ended up watching the finals today from the comfy confines of my couch.

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