Monday, 12 November 2007

Part - !

The wait is over, finally got my passport back today, with the Kiwi visa, and I am supposed to be off tomorrow!! But possibly because of a very potent bandh in West Bengal, there seemed to be no direct flights into Cal today or tomorrow!!! Perfect timing naturally, so these people have managed to get me a set of flights that have me spending the night gallivanting around Delhi! Oh well, at least I get home nice and early on Wednesday, and then I'm supposed to be off again Sunday. Yes, that would be this Sunday :D. I'll shortly have reset my 'shortest trip home ever' record. My mum was naturally thrilled when I told her :|. I hope it's not too cold in Delhi just yet :-<.

Currently: beyond caring
Listening to: Everclear - Learning how to smile


Anu said...

It isn't, sis tells me :) Besides, if you could survive those properly cold lunchtimes in Perth without a jacket, you can so handle Delhi in November! :-P

kray said...

and it wasn't! mid November and it's barely 20C at 2 in the morning! global warming :|

Souvik said...

chuti chuti finally :P
enjoy kor bhalo kore ... short n sweet types :)

kray said...

:)) aar enjoy, ei to sunchhi super cyclone Kolkatay ashhe!