Thursday, 22 November 2007

Part - !!

There I was again, stuck in Bangkok airport with a long stop over. This time it was enforced mainly by a delayed flight. Only the second time flying with Emirates, and the second time I was likely to miss my connecting flight because of a delay, talk about consistency :|. And the surly airport 'support' personnel weren't really helping /:). The flight itself wasn't too bad thankfully, what with a mind boggling in-seat on-demand entertainment system. There were at least about 300 movies available, out of which 149 were new releases :O. Insane. I picked the insanely hilarious Wild Hogs, which was quite thoroughly entertaining :D. And then I managed to get some sleep in.

Got to Sydney with barely 90 minutes for my domestic departure. There was immigration to clear, checked in luggage to pick up, and then customs. Not to mention the transfer to the domestic terminal. I managed not to run, barely. But I did end up at the immigration counter without a queue ahead of me! And then the conveyor decided to spit out my bag pretty much right in the beginning and even though I had to open up my bag at customs, it was all wrapped up in 15 minutes! That's from the time I stepped off the aircraft! A mini miracle. And soon enough I was back in Melbourne.
My room at the Hilton was better than anything I've stayed in for a while :P. And this time we managed to squeeze in a trip to the St. Kilda beach. Unfortunately, we had to take a tram, and I almost got fined 162 AU$ for no particular fault of mine :|. The beach itself was nice, though it was getting a bit cold for summer.Then it was time to get back to the boat. The weather was appropriately bleak, scattered rains with an overcast sky. And we were off on the chartered aircraft to Port Lincoln close to Adelaide that had me spend about half my break trying to pack. The baggage allowance had been slashed further down to 15 kgs. I'd given up at 17 eventually. I figured I'll wear more stuff on the flight if need be :|. But the weather made it quite necessary in the end.Somehow or other I'd ended up with insufficient sleep 3 days in a row, so it wasn't at all difficult to just crash once I'd settled into my cabin. So now it's a week steaming down to New Zealand, and then another 3 weeks and I'm off road trippin'!! Well, again, there's the usual disclaimer, but we've already booked accommodations all over South Island. Hopefully, we will end up using them :).

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