Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Devil's alternative

For quite a few days now we've been enveloped in dense fog for the better part of the day, and night. It's only when the wind dies down that the fog moves in. When the wind rises, it blows the fog away, but also drives up the swell into monstrously choppy seas :-<. With the scheduled crew-change exactly a week away, this has put a seriously large spanner in the works :-S. The fog often reduces visibility to less than 50m, eliminating the chance of helicopter landings, and choppy seas do pretty much the same :|.

Other than that, the fog's really cool! No really! I have never seen anything move so fast, and from all directions! One minute you are looking out to the horizon, the next, you see it fade, and the next thing you know, you cant see the front of the boat from the back!! But by far the coolest thing was the fog in the night! This one time it seemed particularly close, you could actually see wisps of it leak into the light :D.

Ah yes, the 10 days turned into eleven, and the promised break from the back-deck arrived. I was prepared for it to be short, but not this short. After barely one day away, we're now back at it. Only now, the freezing winds have given way to some extent to freezing rain. And the aforementioned fog.

I'm sure this is a familiar experience, you call up someone, friends, family. It so happens that they are not alone, in fact, there's a whole bunch of people around, and you know all of them! There's a sort of a background to the conversation, and you catch snatches of familiar voices, names... I miss being part of that background :-<.

Feeling: far-away
Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Minor thing

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