Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Great Kiwi Road Trip - Day VIII

2.5 km [Final trip odometer: 1582.5 km.]
25th December '07

All day yesterday we spent swinging between whether it had been a good idea to spend Christmas in Christchurch or not. Man, it was slow! And the cumulative effects of the past week were catching up with all of us. We made a late start and soon found that we were still too early for the rest of the world :|.Breakfast was out of a 24 hr convenience store, then we headed off to return the Toyota :-<. As we parked in front of the rental office in town, a sign greeted us, "Sorry, we are closed for Christmas." The timing that had served us so well through the rest of the trip thankfully, hadn't deserted us. As we sat there looking bewildered, the office caretaker came along! We figured from her and from more signage inside the office that we were to leave the car right there! An unceremonious parting, quick and efficient. The rest of the day was a perfect blend of lazing in the sun and some impromptu sight-seeing. We hung around Cathedral Square. Ambled downstream along the tiny Avon river to the Victoria Gardens. Watched a bird poop on Captain Cook's hat. Lounged around Cathedral Square again, looking around for some ice-cream :). Ambled upstream along the Avon to the Botanical Gardens. Studied the Bridge of Remembrance from every possible angle... In the end it was time to pack it all up. I still cant believe how much we got around to doing, all in all... But then, even after close to a thousand miles (:P) I am still finding it hard to believe that we actually drove ourselves half way across New Zealand!!

(was) Feeling: over the moon!!
Listening to: Norah Jones - Shoot the moon

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