Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Settling, like sand, to the bottom of the ocean.

This shall not be a rant.--

Amongst the better times I've had in the recent past was watching this Brit production called Cashback. It's a completely mad and out of this world trip :). But if you look closer, I guess you could see through the fantasy... It did take me quite a while, however, to figure that Ben was indeed none other than Oliver Wood from the older Potter movies! (Umm, that would be the Gryffindor quidditch captain. Never mind, just my constant fear of forgetting faces, that manifests itself in an obsessive attempt to place any face that seems even vaguely familiar :-<.)

Ah, something I've somehow never gotten around to actually writing about (I think), Little Miss Sunshine. I watched it a few months back, and did not like it. There, I've said it :|. There is one character who I did find extremely compelling though! No, not Abigail Breslin, but her on-screen brother. Especially the bit when he does start speaking, and of course the why, and the what :). I was quite startled by the degree of maturity bestowed upon the character in the immediately subsequent string of events though. The rash actions of a moment of indiscretion almost always lead to mostly unfortunate situations that could be avoided merely by being just a little rational at the right time. But that is so terribly difficult to achieve in reality :-<. Hmm, so except for that, I was totally unimpressed.

It's a scary thought, but I'm beginning to feel institutionalised :(. It's gotto do with that most prized thing of my day to day life, sleep. I am thoroughly puzzled by the fact that over the last few weeks, I've been waking up regularly at the exact same time to get to work. Every single day! No snoozing the alarm, no giving in and sinking back into the murky depths of that deepest slumber which seems to grab at you just when you most need to get away.... I spent four years in college battling resiliently with the evil of having to wake up on time (whatever time :P). But now my resolution seems to be faltering :-<.

So, a bit of real news I guess. It's been cold and windy and dark and bleak and foggy and even colder, and even windier and raining and tiring and rough (but not nearly rough enough by far :|) and cold and wet and windy and grey, mostly... And then today it suddenly started looking like we could be anywhere about 40 degrees north of here! (Only looking mind you.) For just a very tiny bit. Not impressed, I can tell you, not impressed at all.

Fatigue and frustration can be formidable adversaries. Numbness is a supremely effective answer to both >:).

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Anu said...

My deepest sympathies :|
If nothing else, that's a lovely piccie...
And I love the "silent" brother. I also forgive you for not liking the movie :P