Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Back in the groove

(And I don't mean that in a bad way :D.)

After the last trip of a practically never-ending back-deck stint, I was quite surprised that everything went to plan and we were actually done in barely four days!! Of course I didn't let my hopes get too high till I landed up on shift on the second morning after, and still found everything chugging along as it should :). That would be today.

I get this strange feeling I've kinda been thrown off my usual routine! Honestly, I'm still on a sort of a high after my fabulous break :). Unfortunately, all good things come to and end, and letting it linger too long might not be the best of ideas. For instance, I still haven't gotten used to the new year, and the first month is over already!! If I don't watch out, this one will go by just like the last one did, way too fast for comfort :|.That said, I'm actually having quite a good time of it. On my hours off, I've got a one point agenda, read :D. Almost done with The Simoqin Prophecies! I can't believe how much of it I actually remember quite clearly, given that the only time I've read it was over three years ago! (Which is a shame really, 'cos the book does have some awesome twists and turns :-<.) Somehow, I don't seem to remember the details of The Manticore's Secret nearly as clearly. Which is a good thing then...

The other thing high up on the to-do list would be to actually cut down on the pictures I want to post from New Zealand and Bombay-Pune-Bangalore. Well okay, New Zealand. The rest wouldn't really have to get cut down by much :). Have only managed to get it down to about 300 so far :-<. But, in time, I shall get to something less ludicrous, I'm sure.

Ah, as for changes, it looks (I know I should probably not actually be saying this so early...) like this might (you know what they say about counting chickens?..) be the last trip for the boat in New Zealand, and in fact, the entire Asia-Australia region!!! Right, now I guess we'll just wait and see if I have to eat my words.

Currently: well on the way to recovery :)
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