Monday, 18 February 2008


And now what? :| Oh dear. So the deal is, we've been happily (I speak only for myself here, more or less) crawling up and down along the south-east coast of South Island for about 4 days now, getting battered by the infamous terrible weather of New Zealand that has finally shown itself worthy of its reputation. So thoroughly has it prevented any sort of activity on the boat that I'd started bringing my book on shift. As a result I've managed to race to the end in a relatively short time.--

Now this is when I headed off for breakfast, and when I was back, all hell had broken loose. But let's stick to the chronology of things, shall we?

My opinions on The Unwaba Revelations - the finale of Samit Basu's Game World Trilogy. He kinda let me down, just a little bit :-<. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed most of the book immensely. But seriously, c'mon, what was that with Red dying, then not, then losing her mind(s), then turning into the Red Queen, then... oh well, let's not spoil it for people here. It's quite funny, really!

My biggest grouse actually, was the lack of proper action. The thing that had kept the first two books really fresh was the pace with which everything happened, and the fact that all the action was of a very personal nature! This one has megatons of conversations, and then as if to counterbalance this, there are lengthy and rather uninvolved narrations of extremely hectic battles. Although I must commend Basu for keeping the eventual outcome as confused as possible with the several (sometimes rather annoying) about turns in the story.

It's become a rather regular feature of concluding instalments these days, the propagation of this lingering sense of sadness alongside a healthy dose of hope for the future :|. And the ending bit was just plain soppy /:). Oh! OH!! Did no one notice that monumental bungle on page 331?!!! What were the proofreaders doing?!! Why on earth would Orro the ravian be doing stuff for the (non-existant) army of Zivran?!!! I agree, having more than one major character with a name starting with Zi.. might be a bit much, but still!

Oh well, I hope Basu does write more, but I also hope he doesn't involve these particular characters. I find myself rather attached to a significantly large number of them and would rather have their futures shaped and preserved in my own imagination and not rudely destroyed, or otherwise toyed with /:).

Right, and then, while I was wondering what I would do to entertain myself for the rest of the shift, the worst streamer disaster I have ever seen with my own eyes, happened. And thereafter proceeded to rapidly worsen to the point where, in the foreseeable future, any free time might prove very hard to come by indeed :-<.

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histrionix said...

Potentially spoiler laden post :| Will finish the book and read:)

Anu said...

Ok, what happened to the streamers?? Send mail when you can. Er.. so will I.

And... gorgeous piccie!

And... stop with the spoilers, dammit!

kray said...

@ histrionix: I thought u'd finished book! no? seemed like, by the sound of the last comment...

@ anu: are u in Perth yet? still waiting :|