Tuesday, 12 February 2008


The sheer irreverence of it!!!!!! =))))))))

Oh god, I could die laughing :P. As I'd suspected, I hardly remembered anything from The Manticore's Secret. (Of course every little detail came flooding back to me as soon as I'd read it, adding to the overall effect, so to speak. :P) But the big deal is that I've just finished with it, and now. Finally, one shall get started with The Unwaba Revelations :D :D. :D :D. :D.

Oh and by the way, we won our last league match (foosball again) and somehow landed up with second spot in our half of the draw!!! >:)

Currently: sporting the widest stupid grin ever (for the above, and other sundry reasons :D)
Listening to: Alanis Morrisette - Thank you


histrionix said...

I can just see that grin :) I am sad though because I don't have Simoqin and I'm *very* rusty on that (sigh).

kray said...

:D have u read Manticore recently? isn't it crazy how he goes COMPLETELY nuts in the last 100 or so pages? :P I just hope this last books anywhere near as good though... u finished with it yet? and too bad about the first book, I'm guessing there's nowhere u'll get it in the US huh?