Friday, 8 February 2008

Good times

Life's been good this last week :). After a long long time things on-board seem to be running as they should. The disappointing thing is that sunrise has switched times alarmingly swiftly and is now well past 6 am. But seeing how the sky is almost a permanent envelope of dark clouds or fog, I guess I've not been missing much on most days.Then yesterday, pretty much to my extreme surprise, I got to go out in the small boat! Firstly these last few trips the weather's been too rough most of the time, and even when they have been out in the boat, I've been stuck in the instrument room. But this was (barring the personnel transfer last trip) my first time out driving the boat in these waters, and it was beginning to prove quite a handful, what with the steadily worsening weather, high seas and the freezing water! (I'm sure none of them will be reading this, but it was awesome fun shipping bucket loads of water into the boat, to the extreme annoyance of the rest of the crew >:). OMG! I'm turning into Skippy!!! :-S)

As for the rest, we lost our 4th foosball match. But not without a fight! It ended up as the only game as yet to have ended in a tie at full time! Unfortunately the sudden-death was too much for us to handle :P. Oh well, seeing how the rest of the league's been doing, the progression into the next round might actually turn to reality :D.

Currently: hopeful :)
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