Saturday, 2 February 2008

Steam (letting some off)

Deep breaths. Stare out into the vast deep blue, the smouldering red on the horizon, the setting moon. And take deep breaths. This too, shall pass. Smile. Well, try... There be bad days, and then there be days like today. The dark tide welling up from within needs an exit, but there is none. In.. out... in.. out. :-<
The good things. I finally, finally managed to get all the New Zealand photographs (well, the remaining ones) put up on my photoblog :). Still have to go through the rest, but significant headway has been made. The best part of my days right now though, are entirely due to the Trident Table Football Competition :D. I've never ever played foosball before, but entered my name in the draw anyway. Turns out there are a whole lot of people who have definitely played before. And some of them kick serious butt!

Some of those people were kind enough to show me the basics, and I've been playing quite a bit since. The end result is that I can now actually move both hands in the proper direction at the same time, most of the time, well sort of :P. And don't end up feeling like someone's wrenched my wrists off my arms at the end of it :D. The really good thing is I've drawn a totally cool partner (it's a doubles thing), the Brazilian mammal watcher. She's obviously better than me, but more importantly, doesn't take herself too seriously :). The amount of laughing and screaming we indulge in while playing, I think most of our opposition either get irritated or scared, and we've actually managed to win two out of the three matches we've played till now!!! There's two more to go in the league stage and while there it is rather unlikely, we might just have an outside chance of making it to the next stage :D.

Oh well, so that is about it. Have been back out on the back deck for the last 3 days. And the reasons and circumstances, well... let's not go there :|. There seem to be no easy trips these days. I was pretty sure that the last trip was the second worst I've ever had. But now I'm not so sure, this one's climbing the charts :(.

Feeling: depressed, mostly.... and apprehensive
Listening to: John Denver - Sunshine on my shoulders

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