Friday, 21 March 2008


I keep hoping it'll be the last time, and this time was no exception. But I won't exactly be shocked out of my mind if I land up back in the Subi house again for the next office rotation :-<. At least it's a nice little house. I hear there's a possibility that by mid-year the lease on 289A might expire and my employers might decide there's not enough reason to renew said lease. (Sporadic nomadic visits by SE's such as myself alone hardly constitute a good enough reason apparently.) There go the empty bottles, Swedish, Dutch, Finn, Kiwi and Polish, in order of consumption. And just when I'd found the perfect substitute for the Cold Rock place too :-<.

Goodbyes should always be said. Especially to people you expect to never see ever again. But sometimes the opportune moment slips you by (the fact that something really interesting had distracted you at the time doesn't really count) and an email makes for a really lousy substitute. So once I was out of the house I promptly switched back to my shutter-happy self. This time I got a nice little look at Freo port from the flight and also, I think for the first time ever, got a really clear look at Rottnest Island! I didn't know you got such an up-close view actually. But studying the images on a screen somewhat larger than that on my cam later, I could pretty much retrace the bicycle trip we'd taken last year!

Despite making several plans of going out to catch some movie or other, the only new thing I'd managed to see while in Perth was something called Garden State. No, it's nothing new, just one of those lesser known debut features from a few years back. And my house-mate had the DVD. Pretty much loved it to bits :). Nothing earth-shattering, quite all-over-the-place as a matter of fact... but still, found it absolutely captivating. And totally loved the bike with the side-car. It also helped that the soundtrack was totally awesome. As was Natalie Portman.Also caught Hitman on one of the flights out. Let's say I didn't hate Tim Olyphant as much as I thought I would. He managed not to destroy the movie entirely :|. I still stand by my initial choice of Vin Diesel and if not him then Jason Statham for 47. As it turns out these guys were apparently approached, in that order, but somehow the role still ended up with TO :-<. At least it was more or less fun to watch. Now I'm back home. Turns out I won't really have to stay in Kolkata for too long by myself. Quite glad to be off on the routine trip this time. Might even get a bit of reading done...

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