Friday, 28 March 2008

Why is growing up growing old?

I'm getting a lot of real estate advice these days, among other things :|. That's what comes of visiting relatives without parents to buffer the torrential outpouring of wisdom, especially from uncles :-<. Oh well, at least there were kids under 5 years of age to more or less monopolise the general attention for the most part :D.

Of course, whenever more than ten members of my extended family congregate at any place the mood becomes distinctly festive :). (Barring the obvious exceptions, obviously.) So all in all it was quite a fun trip.

Except for the bit where I nearly ran over two elderly and quite possibly rather deaf men on a scooter on the highway :-<. Must say I was very impressed with the braking abilities of the Alto! The discs definitely saved the day there :|.
-- The other thing that happens every time I go on these visits is that my choices in life thus far come under severe scrutiny. When I do survive, it's a pretty massive boost to the self belief. I'm wondering how I'd fare, if one of these days I do lose the argument...

It's less than a quarter of a day to lift-off and the plans haven't changed yet! In fact, this time they've stayed rock solid since day one, not a single timing change, cancellation or re-routing! So I guess crew change will proceed as planned, and I head back to Invercargill. Probably for the last time in a while at least.

It will be a little strange locking up as I leave. The parents are still away on their holiday, having a rocking time in the melting snow!

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