Sunday, 6 April 2008

In and out of time

Really obvious things have a way of eluding me, annoyingly often. A simple adjustment of my daily schedule has 'suddenly' gifted me a full extra hour in my off time!! Remember how I keep complaining about never having enough time off shift?!! And it took me almost two years to figure this one out :|. I guess it's just that some habits die hard.

And speaking of time, New Zealand seems to have moved out of DST, and so have we. Unfortunately, the party responsible for letting the crew know about said change thought it no significant matter and consequently posted the notice well after most of the night crew had already gone to sleep. Cut to midnight, I walk in, sleepy and grumpy as usual, only to be told that I didn't really have to turn up for another hour!! X-( Not quite the best way to start off the day :|.

Currently: still bummed :(
Listening to: Radiohead - No surprises


Ess Dee said...

lol. yeah DST woes. We suffer from them too - and this year since Australia has introduced some new DST funda, our team spent the last *month* testing the Exchange Systems to make sure they would work on the 7th when they came up online after the DST thingy happened.

Really, comparing a million time stamps is *not* my idea of a job X-(

Anyways - put up more pics of NZ na! The April 2nd wala pics were really pretty :-)

kray said...

:)) yes, Australia seem to be going through a DST mad phase... oh well, good luck :P

as for pics, it's just been too cloudy all the time re, no decent pics since the last time...

Anu said...

I have to ask. What simple adjustment? :)

kray said...

:) email woman!!