Monday, 21 April 2008

Lost arcs of what used to be a circle

We've been in transit for the better part of the week, and the weather's been great, as I had feared :-<. I mean, you'd expect that at least out of respect for the law of averages, we'd get some proper shit weather sent our way one time, but no :|. Bollocks.

Otherwise, it's going quite well. As with all transits, I'm getting used to the significantly slackened pace and urgency of life in general. If only we were to sign off right after. Instead, it'll be back to back-decking it in barnacle country :(. Well, I guess I should enjoy this while it lasts.
Most habits, no matter how religiously followed, for a time, eventually lose their hold. Sometimes it is merely that the charm is lost, or the sense of attachment (if there was any). Or maybe the surroundings change, leaving them painfully out of place. Either way, you appear to have changed. Or so they say.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Some cling on, to keep appearances. Others cling on, to preserve a slipping sense of time. And then there are those that grasp at change, sometimes merely for the sake of it. No matter, we're all just trying to keep our sanity.

I guess, the only way of knowing what you really are, is to see it weather the test of time and remain intact.

Feeling: a growing sense of apprehension
Listening to: Everclear - Wonderful

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