Monday, 14 April 2008

Nothing as it seems

Some mornings are just plain. Thankfully, not all of them. It's still quite a while to go before the sun actually makes its appearance. There is just enough light to tell which way is east. But the horizon throws you off balance. It's not where it should be! It seems somehow elevated. Making you feel at once, rather small and still looking as if from a great height. The water feels too far away. The sky, displaced.

You wish the illusion had lasted just a little bit longer, but the light makes it too obvious. The clouds, black as ink the exact same shade as the water, promise to make the sunrise something out of the ordinary. But if only they'd stuck to the edge of the sea only a little bit longer instead of burning off in wisps, you might have escaped feeling quite as small.
--It's probably not a good idea to keep thinking in terms of the beginning of an end. There would never be any respite from the seemingly never-ending sequence of endings that appear to constitute life.

Had an interesting day back in Bluff. We are finally on the way out. There is a degree of symmetry to the whole thing actually... but more on that later. Took loads of pictures :).

Feeling: blase
Listening to: Dashboard Confessional - So long, so long

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