Thursday, 10 April 2008

On one Kirk O'Bane. And death.

It is definitely the way to go, I've figured. Whenever they do make a movie of a book, go see the movie first.* There's half a chance that they might have made a good job of it. Then go read the book. By that time you'd have already enjoyed the movie (or not), in either case you would never have been able to blame the book for completely butchering the chances of ever liking the movie, which might possibly have been quite decent otherwise, simply by being so much awesomely awesomely better.

Right. So as might have faintly come through from the above bit, albeit, my return to the formerly trademark hyper-winding sentence construction might not have helped, I loved About a Boy. Absolutely to bits. I mean, he's just so totally brilliant!! I was tempted to compare bits of Hornby with Haddon, but it doesn't really hold. Except in that they've both had me laughing hysterically as they've been methodically unfurling the mostly quite gruellingly real and messed up lives of the characters....

And incidentally, I've read both in the confines of my cabin on the boat, and hence have ended up worrying if any of the occupants of the cabins with common walls had heard. Watchful glances at people on shift on subsequent days have, however, not revealed any signs that my co-workers suddenly found me any more potty than is ordinarily the case. Thankfully.

So there you have it, a sure addition to my 'all time fav' list of books. Now the only question is, should I head into the next GRRM, or should I take a slightly longer break? We shall see.

Feeling: super-charged.. unfortunately, this is bedtime :-<
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* The obvious exception, as has been mentioned earlier in this space, no doubt, happens to be the Bourne series. Watch the movies, don't read the books.

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kray said...

attention anyone who's stumbled across this searching for 'Kirk O'Bane': there is no Kirk O'Bane. it's Kurt Cobain (yes, Marcus had had a sheltered life). for those of you still not sure what I'm on about I have one word: Nirvana. if you still don't know who I'm talking about, there's no hope for you.