Monday, 7 April 2008

Second time lucky!

For a change, something actually worth mentioning happened today! :D Well, I managed to finally catch a decent sunrise, having tracked down the time with sheer perseverance. But that's not entirely it :P.It so happens that at the moment we're on the run from the weather. So when the call came in from the bridge telling us that hundreds of dolphins had been spotted off the bow, I had no hesitation whatsoever in dashing up the 5 flights of stairs, cam in tow :D. Others had picked other locations, but from prior experience, the higher you are, the better.
It was indeed the largest group of dolphins, or indeed any marine mammals I'd ever seen! Including aquariums. Unfortunately, they were some distance away, and the lack of anything of a telephoto nature amongst my possessions made itself acutely felt :-<. For those of you who haven't figured it out, the chaps on the helideck in the photo above are actually looking at the dolphins. No matter, I'd been there before :D, what we do have an abundance of on the bridge, is binoculars >:).Believe it or not, the dolphins were actually even farther away when I took this photo :). Yes, yes, I'm a genius :P. It did take me a whole bucket load of clicks to actually get a few decent ones though, but it was well worth it :). What made the thing a whole lot sweeter was that about a year or so back, I think, exactly such an opportunity had presented itself. Unfortunately, I was off shift at the time, and in my cabin. Given that most people on the boat don't recall ever having seen anything like this, leave alone seeing it twice, I'd never thought I'd ever get to see such a sight. But there you go, such is life :D.

I don't think it's actually possible for me to read two books at the same time. Even when I start off with more than one, one or the other eventually wins and the other lies untouched till the first is done. Quite enjoying About a Boy. And since Wiki very kindly pointed out that the movie in fact ends differently than the book, there's even an element of unknown.

In the meantime, the F1 season's finally getting a bit interesting. Was absolutely thrilled to see a Massa led Ferrari 1-2. But was almost even more thrilled to see a Force India actually finish ahead of Hamilton!! :D. Also found an unlikely fellow F1 fan in the 3rd officer. And what's even better, his opinion of McLaren is almost identical to mine :). This trip is beginning to show promise!

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