Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Seeing is believing

I guess I was always going to sit around a bit longer before getting back to Westeros...

In the mean time, I'm slowly winding my way through I, Robot. I wish I had a copy that didn't have Will Smith's mug plastered all over it, but it isn't exactly like I had a whole lot of choice. Once I decided on getting that book before I got to the boat that is. I can't quite put a finger on it but this strange feeling of awe fills me every time I read that book. A sense of something overpowering... Almost every Asimov tends to do that to me, but this more than others.

The only really new movie I've watched this time was No Country For Old Men. I'm sure it was quite well made and all, but unfortunately I was rather put off by the end of it. I guess it can be put down to a simple misunderstanding of sorts. I kinda started off rooting for the wrong guy :-<. Can be a little difficult to switch your point of view halfway through something quite as gripping as this. Oh well.

Ah yes, Dan in Real Life would also probably qualify as a relatively new one. It wasn't bad really. But unfortunately, I've developed a bit of an aversion to Steve Carell I think. Was it because of that role he played in Bruce Almighty? And then of course they had to go and turn him into a hero in the next one. Someone should tell these people something when they are about to commit such monumental blunders...Then yesterday I ended up watching Lost in Translation. After a very long time. I have a copy with me most of the time, but the last time I'd actually watched it was way back in college I think! So that would mean the last time I saw it, I didn't have first hand experiences of Japan, and Tokyo. :)

It is funny how one thought trails off into another, I was drawn back to my scared attempts at doing 'touristy stuff' :)). It's true! On the one hand, Japan is indeed a bit of a scary place for a lot of outsiders I think, thanks primarily to the seemingly strong aversion to any language other than Japanese. But more than that I guess it was just the whole -oh my God this is like a whole new country- thing still being very much on top of every other thought :).

I'd never noticed the feature in Windows Media Player about playing songs faster or slower! Probably 'cos I hardly ever use it. But it's quite hilarious! It's a weird kind of a rush, sort of trying to catch up with the music as it whizzes past quicker than usual :D.

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histrionix said...

Ah, No Country...I was rooting for the wrong guy too...I actually squaked, "What!" when the movie ended since I didn't really get the whole idea I guess:)

kray said...

ah! so I wasn't the only one then :|