Saturday, 26 April 2008


It would seem that nothing these days comes without asking. We finally had just a hint of what could have been as we were about the turn around the south-west corner of Oz. A sufficiently large number of people were feeling at least somewhat indisposed to consider the weather significantly rough :P.By and by a rather familiar sight greeted us, the surfed up windward side of Rottnest Island, and the distinctive, if somewhat limited silhouette of Perth skyscrapers :). Unfortunately, we weren't heading into Fremantle port, just making a short pit stop a mile or so off Rottnest's beaches.

As always, I find myself taken unawares by the fierce rate at which weather conditions seem to change the moment we leave the Southern Ocean and put a little bit of land, however obliquely, between ourselves and that polar hunk of ice a few (thousand) miles further south. Off go the thick jackets and wool caps. Now we sweat :|. Especially since with the end of the transit, we're going to be back on the good ol' back deck.

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