Saturday, 10 May 2008

Jolly Roger!

And it's crew change day again! Finally. It's going to be a chopper ride for the first time since like October. So it took me quite by surprise that my bags are suddenly heavier than the prescribed 10 kg limit! I'm specifically blaming it on all the books that I brought along. (And the lot I bought on the way in :|.) Thankfully, I'm going to be on a Super Puma flying 3 people short of full payload, so it's highly unlikely that my few extra kilos of paper will cause us to splash into the ditch :P.

So I finally do know where I'm headed. And it's not to Oslo, or Perth. I have been asked to go home! And await the Norwegian visa :|. Now that in itself might not have been such an unwelcome bit of news, except that the change was left till so late that I couldn't get any flights home till Monday! Which means I'm stranded in Perth for the weekend :(.

And to top it all, for the last couple of days I've been having to get used to temporarily living one-eyed (for a very short time hopefully). Thankfully, I seem to have gotten good enough at my job to manage it quite decently half blind. Nailing beans with a fork at the lunch table, however, is another matter :-<. No, jokes about eye-patches being cool etc. are not welcome :|.

Currently: minus depth perception :-<
Listening to: One Republic - Stop and stare


Ess Dee said...

ur coming home!! :-D

how cool :-)

kray said...

:| very cool thank you very much