Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Someone up there likes me. Or is bent on creating that impression. Only in that we're still in production and unlike on the last few occasions, haven't ended up on the back deck within a few days of getting away from it. Everything else that was wrong with life, still is. But I'll take what I get.

In the mean time, a few things have slipped by without making much of an impression. (The fact that I was altogether too preoccupied with more (de)pressing things definitely has a fair bit to do with that.) The first race of F1's European leg this season at Catalunya went of extremely well. From the Ferrari perspective obviously. What I was actually a bit more excited by was the planned re-introduction of slicks in 2009!

And of course Liverpool got themselves kicked out of the Champions' League. I had already kinda given up hope after that Anfield leg ended in a draw thanks to Riise's own goal :-<. By the sound of it though, the Stamford Bridge leg was a bit of a thriller. But as I said, there were other pressing matters at hand, and I wasn't really paying attention. Now that both Barca and Liverpool are out, I'm not exactly overly enthusiastic about the Moscow final.

The days seem to be really dragging on now. And I couldn't be arsed to try and put in any amount of effort to make things any better :-<. It's really one of those sad depressing phases people go through now and then. Bored and somewhat tired and stressed out. Break off the regular habits that keep a semblance of regularity and sense to life in general. Fail to fill up the ensuing gap with anything meaningful in anyway. End up feeling even more bored and while not particularly tired or stressed out, feel like it anyway. Vicious cycle really :(.

Have been fooling around with the cam around sunrises though. Waiting in vain for some more of the spectacular calm. While at it, some half interesting results have appeared thanks mainly to the custom white balance feature.

Three more days and a wake up. (Or in more realistic terms, four and a half days.) Never mind where I'm headed after this, I need a stiff drink. Or a few.
Living isnt a simple thing
I know
No one ever said its supposed to be
I know...

Living isnt a simple thing for me
I know ways to make it easier

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